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There are thousands of reasons I attend the Electric Daisy Carnival each year in Las Vegas. There are also thousands of reasons why some people never will. I stand firm in the belief that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, however, I urge everyone to attend this event at least once. From parking to “PLUR”, this is my heartfelt attempt to convince you to join me under the Electric Sky next year.

1. The music. It has been proven time after time that music brings people together regardless of their race, religion, etc. For example, over 90 different countries were in attendance at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last March. While at EDC, I met people from all over the world – Africa, England, Canada, South Africa, and all parts of the USA. Whether you listen to techno, house, electro, dubstep, or trance – there is something at the Electric Daisy Carnival for everyone. Over the course of three days, all genres of Electronic Dance Music are blasted from five unique stages. Artists such as Deadmau5, Diplo, Krewella, Knife Party, and Fatboy Slim came together in an effort to provide the sound track for one of the most life altering events. EDM is one of the most massive unifying cultures I have ever experienced.

2. The art. It’s not often you can walk around a festival and see a beautiful owl the size of a small SUV. However, at EDC that is one of the most “normal” things you will encounter. The Electric Daisy is one of my favorite parts about this festival; it is a massive LED daisy that extends taller than the speedway and then bends down as to say “Hello” to its admirers. On the first day, I was surrounded by 5 giant fuzzy bumble bees and invited to “praise” the daisy with them. Amongst the giant daisy and the eccentric owl, you will find a 6-person bicycled powered serpent, a fire-breathing octopus, circus acts, and numerous unidentified shapes wandering the grounds of the speedway. The creativity and imagination that Insomniac Events has been able to bring to life over the past few years in indescribable; truly something you must see for yourself.
3. The location of the Speedway is perfect for this type of event. It’s about 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip which is essentially in the middle of the desert. This is very beneficial to both parties – festival goers can live this experience with only those attending the festival and those who aren’t at the festival won’t be bothered by the noise or traffic. Many entrances to the Speedway made arriving, parking, and entering quick and easy. There also seemed to be much more direction from event staff aiding the EDC guests in their parking decisions. On top of the fast parking, the lines also moved quicker than last year. Each day I walked right into the line, through security, and into the festival; whereas last year I remember being in line for at least 2 hours. Insomniac is definitely perfecting procedures more and more each year.
4. Security personnel was friendly and attentive. I have attended a few festivals where the police staff are rude and make any sort of interaction with them unpleasant. However, the staff patrolling the grounds of the Electric Daisy Carnival were just as happy to be there as we were. They presented themselves as our friends rather than people we needed to hide from. In 104′ weather, it’s important to keep your body nourished – the paramedics were constantly roaming the grounds, meeting attendees, asking questions, and even trading “kandi*” in an attempt to keep everyone safe and healthy.
5. A Ferris wheel. Excuse me, THREE Ferris wheels. One for VIP only, 1 miniature one, and 1 standard size. The Ferris wheel is definitely a staple of EDC. Last year, there was only one and the line was always so long that I didn’t have a chance to ride it. When I found out the VIP ticket option offered a private Ferris wheel, I paid the extra $200 simply for that reason. I rode the VIP Ferris wheel three times and never waited in line. The lines for the other Ferris wheels moved quickly as well. I believe this was based on the fact that there were at least 10 other rides to ride. I’m not the only Ferris wheel lover; Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella proposed to his gorgeous fiance, Holly Madison on the Ferris wheel during the ending firework show.


6. Who doesn’t love Carnival rides?! Bumper cars, a gravity simulator, a free fall, a miniature roller coaster, hang-gliding, a mirror maze and so much more! With all of these options, no lines were ever created. It was apparent that Insomniac had our best interests in mind when choosing the rides for this event. My favorite ride was by far the Ferris wheel simply because I could view the entire Speedway from the top. It was a beautiful sight.


7. I just briefly mentioned the VIP option and I’d like to explain it more in depth. First off, let me just tell you that I never, ever pay for VIP. I think its silly and takes away from the experience by putting yourself in a small area with the so-called “elite”. However, as I said previously, I purchased the VIP tickets because the amenities included a separate Ferris wheel and I was determined to ride it this year. Also included was VIP parking, a lanyard with the schedule for each day, separate bathrooms, charging stations, air conditioned rooms, and a dining area. The parking was great, the bathrooms were real bathrooms inside of a trailer as opposed to the 1000 port-a-potties in each corner of the speedway (please note all bathrooms were designated “Male” or “Female” and all came with a hand sanitize dispenser which was extra nice), charging stations were a huge plus as was the air conditioned lounge with huge windows so the show could still be watched. The most shocking of all had to be the dining area. VIP Attendees could pick a table over looking the main stage on Kinetic Field and enjoy a delicious meal. This was perfect for my best friends parents that joined us on Saturday! EDC was their first rave and they fell in love with the music and the culture.


8. The space; unlike other festivals where getting from stage to stage is like a herd of elephants attempting to funnel into a gerbil cage, EDC was spacious. The layout was done in such a way that you could move from one stage to another with enough time to enjoy the art, ride a ride, and even have time to stop and trade kandi with a fellow raver.
9. The vibe. This in itself is undoubtedly one of the most important attributes to a successful rave and it is the only thing the creators can’t provide. No amount of Ferris wheels are going to make a cranky person happy. However, there is something about the Electric Daisy Carnival that seems to attract only the most “PLUR” people in the world. I will never forget the feeling I felt when I first entered EDC this year; it was a feeling of wholeness. I was joined by 12 of my closest friends; a beautiful mix from Utah, California, Washington, and Florida. Its expected that 12 people can’t always agree on which set to see or which ride to ride. So, at some points of the night we would split up, do our own things, and meet back at the Rabbit Hole at the determined time. Each and every time we met up, a few new ravers were added to our rave family. These were people we had only just met a few minutes prior in the crowd of the last set we watched. We didn’t have time to talk or ask each other questions to determine our level of capability, however, we were brought together by the two things that connects all of us – music and love. Regardless of your race or religion, no matter what language you speak – music can be understood all around the world.
10. Last, and most importantly, PLUR. Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. If you are worried about bumping into someone and starting an argument or attending a festival alone and leaving alone – you are very, very wrong. Music festivals are filled with a sense of unity, understanding, and respect. This is the one place I feel completely myself, yet completely connected to every soul around me. In my opinion, music festivals are the only hope we have left at bringing peace to this world. I’m sure that sounds crazy to someone that has never experienced it which is why I urge you to give it a try. Open your heart and your mind to this beautiful life we live. You have nothing to lose and only new friends, new music, and a new understanding of yourself to gain. I have been to EDC Las Vegas twice, and each year I have returned home with more motivation and determination to conquer my dreams. The world needs more dream conquerors and less routine robots.
EDC has become a home to over 300,000 people and it holds a special meaning to each and every one of us. We want to share it with everyone in the world, including YOU. I hope to meet you next year under the Electric Sky.
*Kandi n.: a beaded bracelet that is traded with another in an effort to always remember that person and/or festival.
-Brittany Johnson