After reaching much notoriety in UK drum and bass scene under the alias Spor, producer Jonathan Gooch decided to switch it up a few years ago and released an EP on Mau5trap under the name Feed Me. The album saw a new direction, bringing a slower sound infused with dubstep and electro house, rather than the traditional drum and bass sounds of Spor. Since then, it seems as if Feed Me has taken up more and more of Gooch’s time, becoming his main project as he plays to monstrous crowds across the world.

For his last two tours, Feed Me has been traveling with ‘Teeth’, which is his giant stage set up full of LED-lined teeth, aligned into an evil grin. It’s visually awesome – the way the lights are synched to the music is just amazing. Your eyes immediately gravitate to the stage and you don’t really want to move them. It’s just an excellent, unique addition to the music. In a day where over the top stage set ups and lasers are beginning to become the norm, Feed Me’s Teeth is a fresh and unique concept that really works with the producer’s theme and album art.

Musically, Feed Me is on fire right now. His recently released Death By Robot EP is some of his finest work – it’s a welcome new direction that shows his evolution as a producer. Feed Me’s music used to have a distinctive sound – the heavy bass and the electro glitches – and it worked for him really well. However as dubstep and bass music have come to the forefront of the EDM scene recently, Feed Me’s music has become decidedly less unique, no thanks to the many imitators who have emerged since Feed Me’s debut. The new EP takes his sound into a new direction, a little more pop – but in a good way – with retro robotic sounds, and fresh synths. It’s a lot more fun and upbeat then some of his older darker work, and it was on full display at Webster Hall.

As it is home to the legendary weekly Girls and Boys parties, Webster Hall has seen its fair share of awesome DJs and crazy shows. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Webster Hall move quite like it did this weekend. It felt as if the whole building could collapse at any moment – the walls and ground were shaking, the floor was bouncing, everyone downstairs was going absolutely nuts. It was a sight to behold – and Feed Me was the soundtrack.

Fantastic showing from Feed Me this weekend – hopefully the Death By Robots EP is a sign of things to come from the producer. It’s a really awesome direction for the sound to be taking, and, along with Teeth, makes for an excellent live show. The only thing left to ask for would be some new Spor productions…