Ferry Corsten is pretty much trance music royalty at this point – he’s been topping charts for over a decade while filling up huge venues and festivals all across the world. He’s one of the most accomplished and respected DJs around, and it seems like every time he swings by Pacha, he puts on a great set. This time was no different, as a packed crowd was treated to over four hours of trance heaven. Ferry mixed it up throughout the night, playing newer tracks and classics, though never changing the tempo and the crowds reaction. From the moment he stepped into the booth, he had the crowd at his fingertips , fans pushing up as far as they could just to dance a little bit closer to the superstar.

As the clock pushed slightly past 1:00 am, the crowd began to get anxious, chanting ‘Ferry, Ferry’ until the man  himself came out to thunderous applause. The energy never slowed down from the set’s first notes, with fast and heavy beats pumping behind extremely catchy synths. Ferry’s synths are the kind of catchy that when they get stuck in your head, you don’t even mind. Songs like ‘Punk’ have stuck in the heads of trance fans since it’s release, yet they can’t resist chanting the song’s hook back at Ferry when he plays it. On the same level, Ferry to be enjoying dropping the same hook over and over again, and he looks like he’s having as much fun as ever. There really aren’t many other dance music artists who have had the longevity that Ferry has had at such a high level.

Some set highlights  include Ferry’s recent Snow Patrol remix, ‘New York’, which garnered a great response from the crowd,  ‘Live Forever’, which is off of Ferry’s latest album, WKND, and the Markus Schulz collaboration ‘Loops and Things’. Corsten Schulz are a fantastic duo, they recently through an epic seven hour set in Washington DC, and releasing both the aforementioned ‘Loops and Things’ and ‘Stella’ to rave reviews. If these tracks and that show are a sign of the future, we can only hope that these two start spending some more time together. But I digress, there were really too many highlights over four hours to mention, but it was that standard high level of dance music you would expect from Ferry. Always changing, always consistent, and always energetic.

It seemed like the crowd would have stayed for another four hours, but Ferry eventually took off and the crowd diluted. It seems like Ferry is at a level where he’s going to come out and impress you every time. Even if you remember how great he really is , he’s still bound to do something new that will live you smiling. Also, Pacha is truly a great venue for trance music, so it’s great to see such great talent getting booked here. The crowds seem to react positively, it feels less rowdy, everyone just feels the music and dances until it stops. Hopefully more of the genre’s store will grace it’s booth – it seems Ferry enjoys it as he keeps coming back. So with the combination of talent and environment, there was really no where to go wrong.