Bozeman, Montana favorites Kitchen Dwellers made it crystal clear last night that Boulder, Colorado and the Fox Theatre are a second home. The self-coined “Galaxygrass” quartet arrived in town last night to celebrate the release of their new album, Ghost in the Bottle. Produced by A.G. Lunsford and Leftover Salmon’s Andy Thorn, Ghost in the Bottle is a high-paced bluegrass adventure from start to finish, with different tasteful new numbers that are sure to be setlist staples now.

The night kicked off on a high-note, appropriately with the Dillard-Hartford-Dillard classic, “Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown,” to celebrate the nation’s coveted weed holiday in the ganja capitol of the country. The Fox Theatre was packed and bouncing, on a holiday when most are couch-locked, watching cartoons or playing the newest Call of Duty video game. The first part of the show was an enormous sandwich, hopping in and out of “Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown,” Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s classic “Lonesome Fiddle Blues,” and The Toye’s “Smoke Two Joints,” that lasted for well over a half-hour! The high energy was reflective from both the band and the crowd, and the Kitchen Dwellers kept the 625 capacity room on their toes.

The four powerhouse string musicians busted out the first song of the night off their new album, appropriately with the tune “Ghost in the Bottle.”  The banjo-heavy song makes you feel right at home in the mountains with its twangy strings and incredible vocals by banjo guru Torrin Daniels. Torrin’s voice carries such emotion and power, creating a shared sense of love and unity to any crowd I’ve seen him sing to. With Torrin Daniels leading most songs on vocals, the accompaniment of mandolinist Shawn Swain, bassist Joe Funk, and guitarist Max Davies blending in harmonies creates an oh-so-sweet sound. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention . . . the boys whipped out a “Harry Hood” tease at the end of the song, leaving people hooting and hollering for more galaxygrass.

Other Ghost in the Bottle tunes, “Visions of More”, “Mountain”, and “Ebenezer’s Winter,” made an appearance at the album-release party. The band chose to sandwich “Ebenezer’s Winter” into a soulful “Mountain,” a tune that any Kitchen Dwellers fan hopes to hear the Bozeman boys play. Another huge surprise of the night and a debut for the band was a cover of Van Morrison’s elegant “Dweller on the Threshold,” seemingly fitting for a bunch of “Dwellers” to play.

With a roaring audience begging for more, the Kitchen Dwellers ended the night with “Drunken Poet’s Dream,” leaving it impossible to do anything else but jump around and run like an antelope out of control for the last tune of the evening. The band heads to Denver tonight for a continuous celebration of Ghost in the Bottle’s release at the Bluebird Theater. I highly advise heading down to Denver tonight if you’re in the area and seeing this extremely special and talented quartet blaze through their new album. The Fox Theatre 4/20 celebration was a party that I will remember for years to come. You can check out photos from last night, courtesy of the author, as well as videos from the night below courtesy of Chris Meyer.

Setlist: Kitchen Dwellers | Fox Theatre | Boulder, CO | 4/20/2017

Set One: Two Hits and The Joint Turned Brown > Smoke Two Joints > Lonesome Fiddle Blues > Smoke Two Joints > Lonesome Fiddle Blues > Two Hits and The Joint Turned Brown > Ghost In The Bottle*, Farmer’s Son, Visions of More, Dweller on the Threshold^ > Sunday Funday, Mountain > Ebenezer’s Winter > Mountain

E: Drunken Poet’s Dream

* Harry Hood tease; ^ Van Morrison, First Time Played

“Two Hits, Smoke Two Joints, Two Hits”


“Mountain” > “Ebenezer’s Winter”

Part & Parcel

Kind Country