Santos Party House may be one of the most appropriately named venues in the world. Other than the fact that its not technically a house, the space is built to house the perfect party, and that’s exactly what Electric Beach brings to the table every Saturday night. This week, Israeli producer Maor Levi made his New York City debut, bringing his forward think style of music to a warmly receptive crowd, and providing the soundtrack to an absolutely wild party.

Electric Beach may have the best party to space ratio in all of New York. The relatively small room is packed to the brim with eager ragers, beautiful girls, glow sticks, and bottle service. There is barely room to do anything but dance your ass off, and honestly, why would you want to do anything else? From the moment you step into the main room you get hit with the energy of the packed room, you’re forced to instantly assimilate into the sea of dancers, and all of a sudden you’re part of the party.

Making his New York City debut, Maor Levi showed America why there is so much hype around him. Known for a slew of very progressive trance tracks released on Above and Beyond’s Anjunabeats label, Levi flipped a switch on the crowd, instead infusing a slew of heavy bass music into his heavily diverse set. Throughout the night, Levi weaved in and out of genres and even aliases, dropping tracks produced by his alter-egos  as well as his own production.

Electric Beach is a good stomping ground for DJs on the rise, as its bookers have a good ear for talent and really know where to look for it. Many future superstars walk through the doors of Santos on Saturday nights – over the next few weeks guys like Tyler Sherrit and Norin and Rad will take to the booth. Electric Beach has become one of the best places to catch DJs in a more intimate setting before they graduate to the mega clubs.

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