The 2012 Undead Jazz Festival is coming to Brooklyn on May 10th, featuring a variety of bands performing at different venues around the area. One of the most talked about events that has been announced is “Medeski, Martin, Wood and ?”, taking place at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. The show, featuring the highly acclaimed jazz trio, will be an extremely interesting and unique affair, featuring three sets of music and plethora of guests MMW’s website describes the show as having the first set be a standard MMW affair, the second will feature a rotating cast of guests sitting in for Billy, Chris, and John, while the third set will feature the entire band in addition to guests.Announced guests include: pianist Marco Benevento, avant-garde jazz musician Anthony Coleman, Spanish Fly tubist and NYU professor Marcus Rojas, guitarist and composer Oren Bloedow, Living Colour frontman Vernon Reid, and violinist Charlie Burnham among others.

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