It was an autumn night that could have been mistaken for July in New Orleans, last Tuesday, October 6th, when Pigeons Playing Ping Pong took the stage at the Howlin’ Wolf Den. Vibrations from the band’s amplifiers were such that they broke the AC system of the venue’s illustrious annex.

However, this must be normal for the “High Energy Psychedelic Funk” band, whose description perfectly characterizes their recently released debut studio LP, Psychology, and should probably serve as a warning label to any future sound techs tasked with containing these playful Pigeons. Their set was a beautiful mesh of raw, but irresistibly danceable funk grooves, seamlessly transcending to atmospheric space explorations that brought the now sweat drenched, but dedicated fans back just in time for an instantly gratifying jam.

Still continuing on their “Flocktober” tour, Pigeons will fly up and around the east coast this month, including a “Dead Zeppelin” themed Halloween show. Check out our exclusive interview with guitarist Greg Ormont here.

Photos and words by Mike Goetz.