Michael Haskoor

Canadian punk rockers Propagandhi made their way to New York City last week to play two back-to-back well attended shows. Night one at the Highline Ballroom (October 3, 2012) was well received, but night two at Le Poisson Rouge (October 4, 2012) on Bleecker Street was a show not to be missed. The underground vibe of the venue makes it excellent for this type of show. There were no stage barriers and stage diving was common, usually after the bands encouraged it. The opening band, Comeback Kid, had the crowd very engaged during their set. They are another Canadian hardcore band from Winnipeg, Manitoba who has contributed to the NY hardcore genre.

As one of Fat Wreck Chord’s first bands, formed in 1986, Propagandhi has made a name for themselves in the punk scene. Their relationship with Fat Wreck Chords later terminated over the position of the CEO at the time on the current state of politics and the Democratic Party. Propahandhi can best be described as a very left wing political band playing fast rhythmic punk rock. They have strong vegan views, are very socially conscious and their lead singer Chris Hannah has a melodic voice. The band currently owns their own record company called G7 Welcoming Committee who has featured bands such as the (International) Noise Conspiracy. Despite owning their own label, Propagandhi signed with Epitaph Records for their sixth studio album titled Failed States, which was just released on September 4, 2012. The band is scheduled to remain on tour until December 3, 2012.

Some highlights from Propagandhi’s set were the “Dear Coach’s Corner” opener and “Back To The Motor League.” John Joseph from the legendary Cro-Mags made an appearance for the last song titled “Hard Times” (a Cro-Mags cover). He stated that he showed up because he supports Propagandhi’s community efforts and message, as well as to make mention of an upcoming Cro-Mags show in December that has not yet been publicized.