Ben Locke

All the kids and adults alike from Long Islands dense decade spanning pop punk scene traveled out to its newest premier venue, The Paramount Theatre, to watch one of the genre’s biggest success stories, Say Anything, take the stage. After stellar opening sets by Tailhart, The Sidekicks, and Murder By Death, the band took the stage roughly around 10 PM. Opening up with “The Writhing South”, a fan favorite from the bands first album “..Is A Real Boy”, the band started off with a strong start. After the bands latest single “Say Anything”, the classic “Alive With The Glory Of Love” caused the fans to burst in a dancing frenzy and the nightly moshing began. Max Bemis, the bands lead singer, looks like he would fit in more in the city’s indie-folk scene then fronting a pop punk band. Yet all the same he is one of the most entertaining front men out there.

The band continued with “That Is Why” and ‘Do Better” which prompted massive sing-along.  “Shishka (Girlfriend)”, another classic, had the energy of a war chant as everyone in the audience knew every single word. “Mara And Me” and “Wow Can I Get Sexual Too” just added fuel to the fire with each song the  crowd was getting more and more fired up. Even “Night Song”, from the bands latest album, got the reception of a greatest hit. “Hate everyone” and “Woe” showcased the contrast in the bands musical style transitioning from hardcore punk to more upbeat tender songs that truly exemplify Bemis’s unique style. Bringing out Shelly Dupree for “Overbiter” was a nice touch that showcased a lesser-known song, which in my opinion, is one of the best off their latest release “Anarchy, My Dear”. They then bursted into “Burn A Miracle” giving the crowd one final jolt before leaving  the stage. The encore consisted of deep cut “Belt” and “ The Steven Hawking”, the 8-minute zinger that closes their latest release. If this show proved anything, it’s that Say Anything are truly the defenders of their genre and show that pop punk is not just no talent kids making loud noises, its an art form.