Top 3 places you should party before you die: India, New Orleans, and a spa.

Live for Live Music’s “When in Robe” shindig is the kind of thing you will be talking about for years to come. “Hey, remember that time we partied in a full-service spa with a fully stocked bar and a DJ? Yeah, that was fun.” The first installment of this brand new series drew so much hype that I had to see what all of the fuss was about, and indeed, it did not disappoint!

There is something about combining the laid-back comfort of a spa with the highly charged atmosphere of a party that makes this such a unique event. The size and layout of the space was ideal for communicating and meeting new people, which was easy amongst this friendly bunch. The variety of rooms each had a distinctly different vibe, allowing you to pick your poison of which direction to take the night. Between the hot tub, sauna, steam room, dance floor with a DJ, bar, massage/treatment rooms, and various spaces to explore, there was really something for everyone to enjoy. Even the most ADD person couldn’t possibly get bored here. SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!

The hospitality of the Body by Brooklyn staff contributed a great deal to the overall experience. From the moment you step in the door and are offered a plush white robe and complimentary glass of champagne, it is clear that you will be taken care of with a smile. They really strived to create a pleasant environment for their guests and succeeded in doing so, going above and beyond by making sure everyone stayed hydrated in the heated rooms. Event staff have the potential to really make or break a party, and in this case, the party was certainly made.

Luckily, the success of this event means you can expect it to continue, with at least one more official date planned so far. If history repeats itself, tickets to the next “When in Robe” on 2/23 will be gone before you know it, so get your ticket now and robe up!

If you don’t robe, now you robe…