The Revivalists are true road warriors, selling out venues of all sizes nationwide. Beyond his charismatic stage presence and truly outstanding talents, frontman David Shaw is known for pushing the limits in extreme situations. Such was the case on Friday night when the band played an impromptu outdoor show in Pensacola, Florida.

The band was going through their standard set, mixing songs from their 2015 release Men Amongst Mountains amongst fan-favorites like “Soulfight,” “Catching Fireflies,” and, of course, “Stand Up.” Frontman Shaw, pedal steel guitarist Ed Williams, bassist George Gekas, guitarist Zack Feinberg, drummer Andrew Campanelli, saxophonist Rob Ingraham, and keyboardist/trumpeter Michael Girardot then introduced a new cover, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

Fans were stoked on the debut, until things suddenly took a turn for the worse. An escaped tiger barreled onto the stage and went straight for Mr. Shaw, who blocked its face with his newly-branded African-tribe tatted-up arm, then promptly wrestled it to the ground. After a brief scuffle, the tiger ran off, looking a little worse for the wear, but not before it was able to gash open Shaw’s head.

That didn’t stop the Hamilton-bred, New Orleans-based rockstar, who was bleeding profusely onto the stage and, at points, crowd. The band quickly moved straight into their 2015 single “Keep Going,” bringing the energy in the crowd to an all-time-high despite Shaw’s blood volume being at an all-time low. It was a night to remember to say the least. Check out the photo of Shaw’s injury below.

[photo via The Revivalists]

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