Today is Stewart Copeland‘s birthday! The extremely versatile and talented drummer turns 66 today, and has shown no signs of slowing down. Copeland’s singular talent has earned him a long, decorated, and diverse career. After ruling the drum kit for years as part of The Police, Copeland has proven to be an invaluable contributor to the world of music with his extremely successful career scoring films and television shows, creating critically acclaimed orchestral compositions, and more. However, to fans of the jam scene, Copeland is most beloved for his role as one-third of Oysterhead, featuring himself, Trey Anastasio (Phish), and Les Claypool (Primus).

In honor of Stewart Copeland’s birthday, we couldn’t help but look back at some footage of the three-headed monster that was Oysterhead in action. Taken from Bonnaroo in 2006, Copeland’s drumming behind guitarist Trey Anastasio and bassist Les Claypool is unrivaled. While we continue to pine for a reunion of this masterful trio, watch pro-shot video of this full set from twelve years ago:

Oysterhead – Bonnaroo 2006 – Full Set [Pro-Shot]

[Video: SindtsFlicks]

Setlist: Oysterhead | Bonnaroo | Manchester, TN | 6/16/06

SET 1: Little Faces, Oz is Ever Floating, Mr. Oysterhead, Army’s On Ecstacy > Radon Balloon -> Rubberneck Lions -> Jailhouse Rock > Shadow of a Man, Birthday Boys, Polka Dot Rose > Pseudo Suicide, Owner of the World

Happy birthday Stewart Copeland!