On Friday night, the unstoppable locomotive of Tedeschi Trucks Band brought its 12-piece ensemble to the outskirts of Philadelphia for a stop at the TD Pavilion at the Mann. As part of this year’s lineup of the Wheels of Soul Tour, Gabe Dixon and Los Lobos opened the show. The tour rolls through the states all summer long culminating in a lengthy seven-night residency at the Beacon Theatre before the one-of-a-kind rock and roll act travels overseas to Europe. TTB presented a diverse setlist showcasing the first two parts of its most ambitious project to date, I Am The Moon, as well as mixing in fan-favorite classics, traditional blues covers, and even a Derek Trucks Band staple for an encore.

Led by husband-and-wife duo Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, Tedeschi Trucks Band immediately launched into its recent release of I Am The Moon: I. Crescent. Playing straight through, Susan warmed up her voice with a tender version of “Hear My Dear” before Derek’s slide guitar introduced “Fall In”. Gravelly-voiced Mike Mattison led the crowded stage through the second number until Derek’s slide closed the song as it began.

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Hear My Dear” – 7/8/22

To follow, Susan Tedeschi and keyboardist Gabe Dixon shared the vocal vanguard for soaring harmonies of “I Am The Moon” with help from supporting vocalists Mike Mattison, Mark Rivers, and Alecia Chakour. The brass section added flair to the emotional “Circles ‘Round The Sun” setting the stage for Derek Trucks to deliver a mountainous “Pasaquan”. With only half the members of the band onstage, Gabe Dixon threw his weight into a keyboard solo before the drummers broke the song down. It was Derek, however, that built the song up in momentum and made the most of the extra space on stage by shredding with unbridled fury.

Susan returned to the stage to thank the crowd and the opening acts before introducing the beginning track of 2016’s Let Me Get By, “Anyhow” with a powerful howl. Digging into their past, Susan channeled the pain of a scorned lover for a casually cool performance of “Do I Look Worried?” which featured a monster slide guitar solo from Derek’s corner.

Progressing to I Am the Moon: II. Ascension, Derek kept the slide in hand, drummer Isaac Eady picked up an electric guitar joining Derek and Susan centerstage, and Gabe Dixon jumped in the empty seat of his drum kit for a bluesy rendition of “So Long Savior”.

Next, Susan welcomed members of Los Lobos, David Hidalgo, Louie Perez, and Steve Berlin, onstage for a cover of War’s “This World is a Ghetto.” This marked the fourth time that this cover has been performed since its debut at Jacksonville’s tour opener on 6/24/22. The Los Lobos members stayed—percussionist Alfredo Ortiz has been off and on throughout the night; bringing the total of 16 people onstage—for a jam-packed run through the Derek and the Dominos staple, “Keep on Growing.”

Returning to its own repertoire and bidding farewell to the guests, TTB dished out “La Di Da” for a second serving of I Am the Moon: II. Ascension before blessing the crowd with a poignant “Midnight in Harlem”. As the lengthy set wound down, Susan took the helm for a traditional blues cover of Bobby “Blue” Bland’s “That Did It”.  In nearly the same order as they appear on the band’s 2011 debut album Revelator, Tedeschi Trucks performed a triumphant “Bound to Glory” to close out the set. As is tradition, Alecia Chakour closed out the song with her commanding vocals.

After a short break, Tedeschi Trucks Band returned to perform “Playing with my Emotions”, yet another track off I Am the Moon: II. Ascension. To close out the show, Mike Mattison stepped up to the mic to return to the early days of Derek Trucks Band with a fiery performance of “Get What You Deserve”. Judging by the crowd’s reaction—or lack thereof—it would do everybody some good to dig into DTB’s archives.

The Wheels of Soul Tour rolls onward toward Great South Bay Music Festival in Patchogue, NY July 10th, followed by ArtPark in Lewiston, NY on July 12th, and Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, OH on July 13th before a two-night stop at the fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA on July 15th and 16th. For a full tour breakdown click here. Scroll down for some fan-shot videos from Sean Roche.

TTB continues to maintain speed as it grows in catalog and band members. Derek and Susan remain undefeated and with two more parts of I Am the Moon en route, the band shows no signs of slowing down.

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Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Fall In” – 7/8/22

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “I Am The Moon” – 7/8/22

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Circles ‘Round The Sun” – 7/8/22

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Pasaquan” – 7/8/22

Tedeschi Trucks Band, David Hidalgo, Louie Perez, Steve Berlin  – “The World Is A Ghetto” (War) – 7/8/22

Tedeschi Trucks Band, David Hidalgo, Louie Perez, Steve Berlin  – “Keep On Gowing” (Derek and the Dominos) – 7/8/22

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “La Di Da” – 7/8/22

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “That Did It” (Bobby “Blue” Bland) – 7/8/22

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Playing With My Emotions”, “Get What You Deserve” – 7/8/22

Setlist: Tedeschi Trucks Band | TD Pavilion At The Mann | Philadelphia, PA | 7/8/22 

Set: Hear My Dear, Fall In, I Am the Moon, Circles ‘Round the Sun, Pasaquan, Anyhow, Do I Look Worried, So Long Savior, The World is a Ghetto (War) [1], Keep On Growing (Derek and The Dominos) [1], La Di Da, Midnight in Harlem, That Did It (Bobby “Blue” Bland), Bound for Glory

Encore: Playing with My Emotions, Get What You Deserve

[1] with David Hidalgo, Louie Perez, and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos