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Thumpasaurus Releases Other-Worldly “Dance Like It’s Your Life” Anthem [Premiere]

LA-based quintet Thumpasaurus continues to impress with their inimitable electro-funk-and-groove persona, original to a group of college students who probably have more fun than you. Coming together at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, the founding members of Thumpasaurus have developed an eclectic, homemade aesthetic unlike anything else this side of the Milky Way. With a homebase at USC’s famed underground performance venue YONI, where they’ve opened for cult acts like KNOWER and Vulfpeck, Thump has honed their ability to get people dancing. Expect a full album on March 1st.

Comprised of Lucas Tamaren on guitar and vocals, Paul Cornish on keys, Logan Kane on bass, Henry Solomon on saxophone, and Henry Was on drums, Thumpasaurus is a force to be reckoned with. Their analog, classic rhythm-section setup recalls 70s funk acts, but the vibes they bring are purely new age, influenced by LA’s up-all-night electronic music scene. The result of these influences are everything you hear in the track below, exclusively through L4LM.

“The heavy combination of rock n roll and dance influences in ‘Dance Like It’s Your Life’ feels like an urgent call to action to stay moving, dancing, positive and awake,” says Tamaren of the t’chune. “For us, dancing is a matter of life and death and we wanted to make the sound and message of the tune live, raw, bass heavy and aggressive to grab people’s attention, make them stop what they were doing, and dance, like it’s their lives.”

Of course, music translates differently from studio recordings to live environments. “We were playing this at a house party a few weeks back and these three Japanese girls jumped in and live translated the song into Japanese so we invited them to the studio and actually recorded a Japanese cut of it that we plan on releasing in Japan!,” Tamaren tells us. “Thump has always had an obsession with Japanese music and culture. Right now we’re listening to bands like Perfume and the soundtracks to Nintendo games. Anyway, one of our dreams is to have a following and play in Japan. We thought ‘dance like its your life’ would translate well in Japan so we asked three of our Japanese friends to help translate the song and overdub the English version in Japanese. They came to the studio wearing these sort of Hello Kittyish outfits and we tracked the Japanese version of the song, which we will be releasing on a Japanese platform shortly! The lyrics to the song are simple, and the message is direct so we might even try some other languages… who knows!”

We dig this. For kicks, check out the video of the Japanese girls live translating the song below:

Thumpasaurus will be continuing their bi-monthly residency at Tenants of The Trees in Silverlake, Los Angeles on Wednesday 1/11 and 1/25. Be sure to follow them here, on their new funky website, and be on the look out to catch Thump in their natural habitat!