Trey Anastasio Band came to The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX on Sunday for night three of TAB’s Lone Star State run. Percussionist Cyro Baptista, who unfortunately was hospitalized for the flu and unable to play the band’s Houston show the previous night, was once again not in attendance in Dallas. Although his presence was missed, TAB showed no signs of holding back and the show graciously went on.

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“Set Your Soul Free” kicked the evening off, followed by the Trey classic “Cayman Review”. The latter was highlighted by a stellar solo from accomplished keyboardist Ray Paczkowski and served to introduce the band’s powerful horn section, made of up Jennifer Hartswick (trumpet), Natalie Cressman (trombone), and James Casey (saxophone). The highly funkified version of the beloved song hinted at the strong evening of music to follow.

Anastasio dropped a bomb for the wishful crowd with a tantalizing “Tweezer” tease for about 4 seconds, bringing back fond memories of the famous Phish “Tweezerfest” that took place at the venue in May of 1994. With a laugh and a huge grin, he asked “the real question is who was there? I was!” He laughed again as he raised his hand proudly and continued “I gotta say, it gets me so excited—I was born thirty miles from here. This is a hometown gig.”

[Trey accepting a sign re: the Bomb Factory Tweezer]

One of the newer Trey anthems, “Everything’s Right” showcased gorgeous harmonies infused with funky bass lines from Tony Markellis. The soulful classic ripped with tried and true rock and roll vibes before sailing straight into a short and sweet version of Page McConnell-penned Phish instrumental, “Magilla”, which featured quick solos from each horn player before drummer Russ Lawton lead the way into “Camel Walk”. The song rendered a comment from an attendee along the lines of “wow, this is the first time I have heard this song played live with such a solidified structure!”

“Sand” was up next and saw Trey dig deep into wailing guitar riffs as the powerhouse band made their presence known. TAB then treated the entranced crowd with “Drifting”, “Mozambique”, and “Blaze On”. Set one was brought to a climax with “Push On ‘Til the Day”, demonstrating a mind-blowing fusion of conversation between the horn section and Trey, who spun himself and his guitar in circles with an infectious smile on his face.

After a short break for perfectly buttered popcorn and some liquid fuel, set two busted loose with “Suntime After Sunset” followed by “Undermind” and ska-heavy “Acting the Devil”. Up next was a well-received “Ghost”, met with boisterous cheers from a satisfied, dancing audience.

The funky, synth-heavy “No Men in No Man’s Land” graced the air next before the night took a slower turn into the blues-rock tune, “Liquid Time”, which feathered with rhythmic guitar wails and a sunset coast on a crescendo of horns. “Love is What We Are” draped the stage with red, green, and yellow lights for a short reggae section of the show before Trey shredded our souls slowly into a million layers and carefully pieced them back together with a sprawling rendition of “Dark and Down”.

Piano-forward and groovy-dance number “Alaska” had the crowd singing along before the band took turns soloing into “Mr. Completely”, which ended with a heavy dose of cowbell and a much-deserved bow from Trey.

Ghost of the Forest lament “A Life Beyond the Dream” left the stage completely dark aside from one spotlight on Anastasio as he swooned his way through the ballad. “We haven’t done this one in a while…some words of wisdom before we go,” Trey said before him and Cressman took the crowd on a ride through a fun version of “Enjoy Yourself” (its first appearance since 2015) before hard-hitter “First Tube” ended set two with a triumphant bang and an appearance by the venue’s much-anticipated disco ball.

After a quick break, the band reappeared for a hauntingly beautiful a cappella “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” before cascading into the crowd-pleasing cover of Gorillaz’ “Clint Eastwood”. After a solid playing time of over three hours, “Rise/Come Together” capped off the ceremonious evening with the continued theme of love, light, and praise to the omnipresent rock gods for a Sunday night church sesh with TAB.

Check out some videos from the show below:

Trey Anastasio Band – “Sand” – 1/26/20

[Video: Sydney Paschall]

Trey Anastasio Band – “Sometime After Sunset” – 1/26/20

[Video: Sydney Paschall]

Trey Anastasio Band – “Ghost” – 1/26/20

[Video: Sydney Paschall]

Trey Anastasio Band – “Enjoy Yourself” – 1/26/20

[Video: Sydney Paschall]

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Next, Trey Anastasio Band will close out their ongoing Texas run with a show in San Antonio before heading to New Orleans for a two-night run at The Civic Theatre to close out the tour. Tickets are available here.

Setlist: Trey Anastasio Band | The Bomb Factory | Dallas, TX | 1/26/20

Set One: Set Your Soul Free, Cayman Review, Everything’s Right, Magilla, Camel Walk, Sand, Drifting, Mozambique, Blaze On, Push On ‘Til the Day

Set Two: Sometime After Sunset, Undermind, Acting the Devil, Ghost, No Men in No Man’s Land, Liquid Time, Love is What We Are, Dark and Down, Valentine, Alaska, Mr. Completely, A Life Beyond the Dream, Enjoy Yourself, First Tube

Encore: Somewhere Over the Rainbow*, Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz), Rise/Come Together
*a capella