It is undeniable that Twiddle is in the midst of writing its own history, and an impressive one at that. With early beginnings in the Vermont scene and grinding away for years at small clubs around the country, the quartet has put in their time and built one of the most loyal fanbases in the jam scene. The group has an enviable list of accomplishments, including sharing the stage with musical legends and heroes like the Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh, and Phish’s Page McConnell and hosting their own highly anticipated hometown festival, Tumble Down, set for late July.

On Friday, May 4th, Twiddle will put another notch in their belt when they headline Morrison, CO’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre for the first time ever—a major accomplishment in any artist’s career. Joining Twiddle for the milestone event will be “Frends” California-based reggae/roots/dub act Stick Figure and afro-pop/indie sextet The Hip Abduction out of St. Petersburg, FL. We caught up with Twiddle’s rhythm section, Brook Jordan (drums) and Zdenek Gubb (bass), to chat about what the upcoming Red Rocks performance means to them and the .

 “Gatsby The Great”

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Live For Live Music: It is a highlight of any artist’s career to play Red Rocks Amphitheatre in any capacity. While you have played the venue in support of other acts in the past (with last year’s performance, unfortunately, being canceled due to moe. bassist Rob Derhak’s cancer diagnosis), this is your first headlining gig there. It’s Twiddle’s show. What goes through your mind as you think about your first headlining Red Rocks show?

Brook Jordan: Twiddle headlining Red Rocks makes me simultaneously think about the past and the future. It reminds me of how far we’ve come, but also how far we still have to go. Every show has the potential to become a new milestone. Headlining Red Rocks is simply a cut above the rest, and we don’t take that privilege lightly. The heat is on, and we’re planning on making this show as epic as possible on multiple levels.

L4LM: In recent history, you have shared the stage with legends such as Phil Lesh and Page McConnell, your own Tumble Down hometown festival has achieved an unbelievable amount of success, the band has worked with iconic producer Ron Saint Germain (311, Soundgarden, and Nels Cline, among others), and you’ve had multiple sellouts at The Capitol Theatre. Where does headlining Red Rocks factor into all of these major accomplishments?

BJ: Well, I guess they’re all just horses of different colors. It’s been somewhat otherworldly to have already worked with and shared the stage with so many iconic and influential musicians. Experiencing moments like that only instills the love that I have for my craft and my fellow musicians. One of the greatest joys that comes from being involved in our scene is the amazing people that we meet along the way. On stage or off, making connections through positivity and music is the greatest reward. Red Rocks just happens to be one of the most beautiful and breathtaking venues to help channel that energy. We couldn’t be more excited for the show on May 4th.

L4LM: Nobody can deny the loyal fanbase that Twiddle has built over the years. How much does it mean to the band to have such incredible support along this wild ride?

Zdenek Gubb: This wild ride started with our loyalty towards each other. That has never waned. To have support from such an inspiring group of people is mind-blowing. We’re so grateful for every fan, or frend. We couldn’t do it without them and they motivate us more than they can ever know. Hopefully, the music is inspiring them in the same way.  It’s a symbiotic thing in that way, which is important to me.

L4LM: You just finished a month-long run with Stick Figure, who will be on the bill as support at Red Rocks. How was being out on the road with those guys? And The Hip Abduction, too.

ZG: The Hip Abduction will be the first of three bands at Red Rocks. Hip A  and Stick Figure are such amazing groups of people. I’m truly excited to put on a one of a kind show with these guys. The “Above the Storm” tour was immensely fun. One of the biggest reasons is because Stick Figure is a band filled with the most kind-hearted, smart and energetic people I’ve ever played with. That extends beyond the band to their crew and management. We also had Iya Terra opening the whole tour, and they were one in the same. Inspiring, gentle, fun people. Getting back to Red Rocks, we have some pretty fun stuff being put together so nobody should miss this crazy show on May 4th.

Tickets for Twiddle at Red Rock with Stick Figure and The Hip Abduction are currently on-sale and can be purchased here. For event updates and additional information, join the Facebook Event page.

Stick Figure – “Easy Runaway” 

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The Hip Abduction – “Stand Up For Love” – FloydFest 2017

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