Across the country, Thanksgiving debates are raging. From the recent election, to the day’s football games…even the age old “white meat vs. dark meat” debates are warming up as fast as ovens stuffed with epic dinners. So we thought it might be nice to focus on one thing we can all agree on…our love of the wonderful music made by the premier funk/soul band Earth, Wind & Fire. Thanks to The Nth Power, who themselves bear the standard of hope and love high in their music, we have some fresh and tasty music to add to your already burgeoning feasts with highlights from their Earth, Wind & Power tribute at the recent A Feast of Funk & Soul Food.


Earlier this year, the tragic loss of EW&F’s Maurice White gave The Nth Power a reason to celebrate the beloved music he created. The band quickly rallied an all-star cast of additional instrumentalists, including Jennifer Hartswick and James Casey from TAB, Farnell Newton, sax madman Skerik and more to bring the full orchestra sound of Earth, Wind & Fire to life for a show that is being called the best of the year by scene veterans and fans lucky enough to have witnessed their show during Jazz Fest. To truly honor the music they loved the players held rigorous practices and formed a cohesion rarely seen in one off tribute shows that was reflected in the quality of their performance.




After a highly successful debut performance at One Eyed Jacks, the band returned to the second annual Brooklyn Comes Alive to prove that dreams really do come true. The third helping was served at A Feast Of Funk & Soul Food, pleasing fans beyond belief.


Nick Cassarino showed his tremendous skills and charms on guitar and vocals with rock solid and splashy drums by his partner-in-crime Nikki Glaspie for a nearly three hour parade of incredible songs and solos. The crowd was once again in the palm of their musician’s hands and the covenant between performer and audience was never stronger. Everyone had their mission and whether it was making the music and sending out the love or accepting that love and returning it ten fold, no soul shirked their duty.

Thanks to our own Rex Thomson, we have exclusive highlights of the magic for you to watch. Hits like “September,” “Fantasy,” their homage to the traditional EW&F cover of The Beatles “Got To Get You Into My Life” as part of a twenty five minute medley and a truly epic final encore rendition of “That’s The Way Of The World.” Check out the fun below, and we hope the music finds you and yours sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with warmth and love.

“In The Stone>September”



“That’s The Way Of The World”