Ween made their triumphant return in 2016, after taking a four-year hiatus while Aaron Freeman, most loyally known as Gene Ween, left the band to focus on treating his drug and alcohol addiction. In the three decades leading up to that, however, Ween built itself up into one of the most prolific live rock bands in the United States.

In 2008, Ween played two nights at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO. On July 17th, the second night, after playing 32 straight songs, the band went into “Never Squeal on the Pusher”, which led into an epic, power-driven, spaced-out, weird-as-ever drum solo to be remembered forever. When the band tried to go back into “Never Squeal”, as the closing encore of the night, drummer Claude Coleman Jr. continued his soloing until the band eventually destroyed his entire drumkit and walked off stage.

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Watch how it goes down in the video below, courtesy of BowlPatrol354:

Ween – “Never Squeal on the Pusher” – Denver, CO –  7/17/08

You can enjoy the entire 7/17/08 show, courtesy of Kingkita, right here:

[Originally published 7/17/18]