On April 17th, 2004, Yonder Mountain String Band took to the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California, for a special, jam-packed show. Audiences were in for a treat that fateful night, as the band, then with mandolinist Jeff Austin, debuted two new songs and saw banjo extraordinaire Danny Barnes sit-in for a good chunk of the first set. After opening up the set with “No Expectations” and “Another Day,” Yonder busted out a then-new track, “River.” A few songs later, Danny Barnes came out for “Crow Black Chicken,” “Where They Do Not Know My Name,” and his tongue-twisting track “Death Trip.” The band closed out the first set with a juicy “New Horizons” sandwich that housed “I’m Only Sleeping” square in the middle.

The show continued to heat up for the second set, with the show’s energy building to a climax with the five-song non-stop jam sequence that ultimately closed out the set. Yonder debuted yet another new tune, “Sometimes I’ve Won,” during this climactic end following the first song of the sequence, “Lord Only Knows (Part One).” The debut built steadily into an “On The Run” sandwich to end this second set, this time containing “Peace Of Mind” as the sandwiches meat. The show was ended on a high note, with an encore of the classic “40 Miles From Denver” and a stellar cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” an undeniable crowd-pleaser that never fails to get an audience riled up, regardless of where it falls in the show. You can listen to full audio of the show below, courtesy of taper Brad LeBlanc.

Setlist: Yonder Mountain String Band | Fillmore Auditorium | San Francisco, CA | 4/17/2004

Set One: No Expectations, Another Day, River*, Mental Breakdown, Sunday Afternoon, Left Me In A Hole, Crow Black Chicken^, Where They Do Not Know My Name^, Death Trip^, Near Me, Not Far Away, New Horizons > I’m Only Sleeping > New Horizons

Set Two: And Your Bird Can Sing > Sideshow Blues, Mossy Cow, Country Boy Rock & Roll, Sorrow Is A Highway, Troubled Mind > 20 Eyes, Kentucky Mandolin > Just The Same, Lord Only Knows (Part One) > Sometimes I’ve Won + > On The Run > Peace Of Mind > On The Run

Encore: 40 Miles From Denver, Crazy Train