Vulf Records sent out an extremely “low volume” e-mail today, more or less announcing a new band called The Fearless Flyers with very little information. The first taste of this band comes in the form a music video for their brand new song “Aces of Aces”. Vulfpeck bassist Joe Dart and guitarist Cory Wong team up with drummer Nate Smith and guitarist Mark Lettieri for the debut premiere, supplemented with a crowdfunding link to support the first pressing of a limited supply of 12″ vinyl–suggesting a full record is on the way.

Produced, composed, and mixed by Volfmon Jack Stratton (bandleader/multi-instrumentalist of Vulfpeck), the new release seems to point at a full record coming from The Fearless Flyers. “Aces of Aces” showcases the timing and perfection of the musicians who play under Stratton’s guidance, clearly reminiscent of early Vulfpeck days. With Joe Dart and Nate Smith holding down the complicated grooves, guitarists Cory Wong and Lettieri communicate with their instruments as if they share the same brain. Tight and funky, this is the stuff of legends.