Pearl Jam released a cryptic social-media post that features an interactive map with markers around the world at precise latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates.

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The grunge-rock mainstay made the post across their social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. The Instagram post is not interactive, but is a video that pans across a map of the world showing small flame-like markers in Australia, North and South America, and Europe while ambient, ominous music plays in the background. Fans are directed to click the link in the band’s bio, which takes users to their official website where the map is interactive.

Here is the part where one would expect to click on the markers and be taken to Madison Square Garden or Wembley Arena. Rather, the markers are exact latitudes and longitudes in unassuming locations in Toronto, New York City, the band’s native Seattle, Los Angeles, Mexico City, São Paulo, Santiago, Sydney, London, Paris, and Berlin. See the original Pearl Jam map post below.


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Look for Pearl Jam in cities around the world… #LinkInBio

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Users are also prompted to use a Pearl Jam camera effect through Facebook or Instagram. Once enabled, you are directed to “find this image” of a glacier with Pearl Jam written in red cursive above it, and take a picture using the camera effect. After some digging, the same glacier photo could be found on the @PearlJamHolland Twitter account. When users take a picture of the image with the camera effect, they will hear a continuation of the ambient music heard in the background of the Instagram post. This music, while sounding similar, is unique and also building in volume and tempo as sound effects of ice crushing ensue. It’s worth noting that none of the locations on the interactive map were in Holland.

The band has made no official comment on this Da Vinci Code-esque labyrinth of clues, but it comes as part of a series of mysterious posts on the bands social media over the past couple days.

Meanwhile, Pearl Jam has no shows scheduled until the band begins a month-long tour of Europe with a concert at Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany June 23rd. Tickets and a full list of dates are available through the band’s website.