If you’re like me, you’ve been faced with decisions like this when you fire up whatever listening device you use these days: “Is it a Wu-Tang Clan day? Or am I feeling some Pink Floyd?” Those two acts, in particular, are on total opposite ends of the stylistic spectrum, but hey—good music is good music. It’s all just about what kind of mood you’re in. But what if you could have both…

Enter The Dark Side of the Wu, the Wu-Tang Pink Floyd mashup EP you never knew you needed. The combo concept piece, created by PIZTRUMENTALS, has been up on the DJ’s SoundCloud for half a decade. However, it recently got a boost when it was featured as a revived release by Altered Crates. Whether you’re just hearing about it now or you’ve been on the Dark Side of the Wu train since 2014, a run through the 24ish-minute mixtape is guaranteed to make your day just a little better. Enjoy it here via BandCamp or YouTube and check out a tracklist below:

DJ PIZTRUMENTALS – The Dark Side of the Wu [Wu-Tang/Pink Floyd Clan 

The Dark Side of the Wu [Wu Tang & Pink Floyd Mashup] – Tracklist

0:00 Intro
0:46 Release Yo Delf
4:00 Da Mystery Of Chessboxin
5:58 Labels
8:31 Third World
11:08 C.R.E.A.M.
13:48 Mighty Healthy
16:03 Assassination Day
19:07 R.E.C. Room
23:03 Outro

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