Full Moonalice: The THC Revue has released their sixth single, “Bird Song”, ahead of their forthcoming album, Time Has Come.

Since their time in quarantine, the psychedelic-folk group has released five singles ahead of their forthcoming album as a full group featuring the T Sisters and New Chambers Brothers, including May’s “Woo Woo” and last month’s “Peace, Love And Happiness”. Dylan and Lester Chambers also offered words of inspiration and support at last month’s Justice Comes Alive, which raised over $55,000 for Plus1 For Black Lives Fund and participating artists.

The group has shared their latest single, “Bird Song” this week amid their inspiration of the United States’ reform in culture and politics, and the rising positivity through social activism. The band remarks on “Bird Song” and the song’s meaning in today’s world:

“Music has always given voice to the oppressed and provided a sound track for social justice movements. Full Moonalice is committed to a better America. We want to do what we can to make sure that every person in this country enjoys the benefits of equal opportunity, respect, and protection under the law. The events of the recent past underscore how far the country is from this ideal, but we embrace the challenge and hope you will join us. Social justice requires the commitment of the masses. That is us.”


As depicted in the poster by Dennis Larkins, “Bird Song” is a tribute to Janis Joplin, from original writers Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter. While the three are joined together in the music spirit world, the artwork for the single illustrates the deepened connection and influence the three had on the music movement for decades and today. The ethereal harmonies of the T Sisters in the song defines the band’s tribute to these three musicians who have so highly influenced the group.

Full Moonalice – “Bird Song”

[Video: Moonalice]

Full Moonalice debuted the official music video for “Bird Song” earlier this week on Doobie Decibel System’s livestream. Full Moonalice is not livestreaming on Facebook this month in support of #StopHateForProfit, a campaign created by the NAACP, Color Of Change, ADL, CommonSense Media, and FreePress, calling on marketers to pause their advertising on social media to protest the amplification of hate. Listen to “Bird Song” here.