MonoNeon is at it again! The Ghost-Note bassist continues to amaze with the videos of himself playing in sync with someone speaking in their normal (but auto-tuned) voice on the other end. This time around, the stylish bassist used his guitar skills to add a layer of melodic flavor to the video of jazz pianist Charles Cornell playing in sync to popular rapper Cardi B, which has since gone viral. The video’s viral potential has even more momentum behind it now with the added MonoNeon treatment.

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In a new video shared to his own social media channels earlier this week, MonoNeon (real name, Dwayne Thomas Jr.) and that sock-covered guitar of his join in on the fun in promoting Cardi B’s obsession with Swisher Sweets Uggs. While Cornell’s video came to a close after just 0:18 seconds, the MonoNeon version gets extended into a brief jam as he continues to noodle away on his guitar for another minute of playing. MonoNeon continues to riff away while a part of the video with Cardi B screaming into her phone camera loops on repeat. Fans can watch the entire MonoNeon video in the video below.

Fans can catch MonoNeon and Ghost-Note on tour throughout the summer with their own headlining performances mixed into festival appearances at events like Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, and more. Ghost-Note also recently found themselves on the 2020 lineup post for next year’s JamCruise. Fans can head to the band’s website for 2019 tickets and tour info.