Back in September, Live For Live Music talked to Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee and Aron Magner of The Disco Biscuits about the two bands’ ongoing prank war with one another. The friendly prank war has been going on for a while now between the two jam giants, with past retaliations including lowering dildos from the ceiling during shows and, over the summer, Umphrey’s using a photo of a passed-out Jon “Barber” Gutwillig on their all-access credentials.

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Last weekend, The Disco Biscuits rounded out their three-night Colorado run with a final performance at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium. During the fiery final show of the run, the jamtronica juggernauts offered up a stand-out performance with highlights throughout—including snow machines firing off toward the tail end of second set and an extravagant show-closing encore of Edvard Greig‘s famous late 1800’s orchestral composition “In The Hall of the Mountain King” (marking the group’s first rendition of the piece since 7/10/04 [643 shows]).

Disco Biscuits Cover Ginuwine, Make It Snow Indoors In Colorado Finale [Full Video]

However, one particularly hilarious moment during the over-the-top show came during the second set, when the band offered up an out-of-field and ridiculous cover of Ginuwine’s “Same Ol’ G” coming out of “Crickets” . Continuing the long-running joke and prank war with Umphrey’s, Barber changed the lyrics of the song to reference the incident that landed him on Umphrey’s laminates. You can watch the video of the Biscuits’ cover of Ginuwine’s “Same Ol’ G”, plus read the new and improved lyrics to the 90’s hit tune below, as posted by bassist Marc Brownstein on Facebook.


Disco Biscuits’ lyrics for “Same Ol’ G”, 11/18/2017: 

I used to be the main one touring,

But now I choose to stay at home.

Most of my friends still touring,

This time the G’s full grown.

And I think about my future lately,

Whatever that may be.

And now it’s pretty clear to me,

That I can just be G.

I went to the show to see Umphrey’s McGee,

I went backstage and I feel asleep,

Paparazzi taking pictures of me,

And you know I was barely free.

Them boys aint got nothing on me,

I did the laminate all for free,

I ain’t changed and I’ll always be

The same ol G

If I want to play a party,

1000 people come along.

And I wear a 1 piece jumpsuit,

Cause I can just zip that on.

[Photo: Rios Photos]