When fans think of Rage Against The Machine, the first word that pops into one’s head is probably not “adorable.” That’s about to change thanks to a viral video of a three-year-old girl named Aubrey.

In a video that was originally shared to Facebook on Sunday by Ujang Ijon, a guitarist who “lives on Labuan Island off the coast of Sabah state in East Malaysia,” Ujang performs a cover of the famous Rage Against The Machine protest anthem with his three-year-old daughter, Aubrey, on lead vocals. While the vocals are a little garbled (hey, she’s three, let’s cut her some slack), she undoubtedly captures the energy of the song—even down to the rebel yell at the end of the first verse.

Watch out, Zack de la Rocha—this girl can rock with the best of ’em. She may be coming for your job once those Rage Against The Machine reunion shows are finally allowed to go forward.

Watch Aubrey nail the adorable Rage Against The Machine cover below:

Aubrey & Ujang Ijon – “Killing In The Name” [Rage Against The Machine cover]

[Video: Paradigmaestro]

The viral cover has racked up more than 1.5M views on its original post since this past Sunday as Aubrey continues to capture the hearts of Rage fans everywhere. The cover even got the attention of Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello, who posted a clip of the performance to his Instagram page with the caption “Quite possible the hardest cover of this song ever… Preach, sista, preach!”


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Preach, sista, preach! . 🎥 Ujang Ijon

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