As educators, parents, and politicians remain divided on how to send kids back to school in the midst of a pandemic, one phrase we’ve heard time and time again is “the new normal.” But even as we navigate whatever that “new” version of “normal” may look like for schools, at least one facet of the “old normal” remains unchanged: Teachers will always try to use corny hip-hop as an educational tool, and it will always be good for a laugh.

Case in point: Dr. Quentin Lee, principal of Childersburg High School in Childersburg, AL, who put his own spin on MC Hammer‘s “U Can’t Touch This” for his students as they prepare to start a new year with the threat of an elongated coronavirus outbreak looming. In the notably well-done video that’s since gone viral, the well-dressed and mask-wearing Dr. Lee uses the 1990 smash hit as a vehicle for running down all the things student’s “can’t touch” when they return to school.

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With humorous self-awareness, Dr. Lee play’s Hammer’s part, showcasing social distancing protocols, sanitation techniques, and his best Hammer Dance while the students look on in adolescent embarrassment—and, eventually, join in on the dance party. Better get used to it, kids. The sound of your principal parody-rapping MC Hammer to teach you about CDC distancing guidelines will now be stuck in your head forever. Stop: sanitize… and watch the clip below:

Dr. Quentin Lee – “Can’t Touch This” COVID-19 Parody

[Video: Quentin Lee]