While the face of the MLB‘s Cleveland Indians is literally changing amongst a progressive new wave in sports franchises, some things are still sacred. One such tradition for the Cleveland ball club is that of superfan John Adams, a staple of the outfield bleachers for nearly half a century. During home games, Adams can be seen—or more likely heard—drumming away from the stands as he cheers on the Tribe.

Unfortunately, due to recent heart surgery, Adams was forced to miss his first Indians home opener since 1972. Luckily for him, a fellow Ohioan stepped up to the plate to fill this time-honored position. On Monday, during the Cleveland Indians’ home opener against the Kansas City RoyalsBlack Keys drummer and Akron native Patrick Carney filled in for Adams on the drum.

“I’m stoked to be here for John,” Carney said prior to the game. “It’s the best seat in the house and I wish John could be here, obviously. When I heard he wasn’t healthy enough to make it, I thought it was a good way to pay some respect to him and show him some love.”

From Adams’ trusty post in the left-center field bleachers of Progressive Field at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario, Carney pounded out a steady beat anytime the Indians were at bat. While Carney’s enthused percussion wasn’t enough to propel the Indians past a 3-0 deficit against the Royals, the game was still a home run for Carney as he quipped that “This is my first show since last January. Crazy.”

Check out some videos of The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney filling in on the drum during the Cleveland Indians’ home opener on Monday.