We’ve all been here—staring at your bowl of fruit salad and thinking, “man, I bet those melons would make some pretty dope beats. If only they were instruments, not melons.” Upon hearing the collective longings of a world beset by un-funky fruit, the folks at Playtronica delivered a grand “hold my beer” moment and created the Playtron, a “new type of music device” that allows you to turn your fresh produce into a MIDI controller.


[Image via Playtronica]

We were first introduced to the wonders of the Playtron via a video by French producer and one man band MEZERG, who on Wednesday released a music video for his appropriately-titled new track, “WATERMELON”, in which he performs using rig featuring a melon/kiwi keyboard and improvised kick drums. Watch the video for “WATERMELON” by MEZERG below or stream the track on the platform of your choice here.

MEZERG – “WATERMELON” [Official Video]

[Video: MEZERG]

MEZERG seems like the perfect artist to demo the abilities of the Playtron. Known for using a variety of instruments—including a hybrid instrument of his own creation, the PianoBoomBoom—MEZERG is making inroads in the music world by taking unique approaches to sound creation.

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“WATERMELON” is far from the only new material MEZERG has released this year. You can listen to 32 tracks worth of new MEZERG material via his aptly titled 2020 album, 32 Tracks. If you like what you hear, you can subscribe to his Patreon page.

And in case you wanted to try your hand at fruitsicianship (trademark pending), you can buy a Playtron for yourself here for just $86.18.