On last night’s edition of The Late Showthe show’s host, Stephen Colbert, delved into the topic of the new Vermont’s legal marijuana bill, which was recently approved through the state’s legislature, making it the first state in which legal weed was passed in this way and not through a ballot initiative.

After showing a clip of a news story about the state’s legalization bill, a message is displayed: “The following is an advertisement from the Vermont Tourism Bureau.” As the “commercial” narrator begins over images of Vermont’s various natural wonders and other stock footage you may expect to see in a tourism ad, “We have over 50 state parks, and 7,000 miles of rolling rivers at streams…and now pot is legal in Vermont! So you can come explore our exquisite natural beauty…or just stay inside on the couch laughing with your friends!”

Continues the segment, “You can ski Stowe Mountain…or spend hours staring at your hands an thinking about things!” The “thinking about things” appropriately trails off in stoned fashion from there. Eventually, a clip of a 90’s Jerry Garcia fades into focus as the narrator quotes “St. Stephen”: “It’s like when Jerry Garcia sang ‘darkness shrugs and bids the day goodbye…and that’s like [makes explosion sound] mind blown, right?!…Hey, wanna listen to the Grateful Dead for a little while?”

Continuing on this conspicuously non-Vermont-focused stoner tangent, the chorus from the Dead’s “Estimated Prophet” begins to play (“California…”), and the narrator begins to be distracted by thoughts of the golden shore…”So come to Vermont!…if you want,” the narrator closes half-heartedly. “I’ll be in California.”

You can watch the mock Vermony tourism ad segment, “Like Pot? Visit Vermont” from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert below courtesy of the show’s YouTube channel:

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