The String Cheese Incident has released the first of six Rig Vids installments, with the inaugural edition featuring bassist Keith Moseley.

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Throughout the nearly six-minute video, Moseley took viewers through his low-end tones, gear, and the bass guitars themselves. He began by showing off his five-string 1999 Lakeland 5594, which he has been playing for almost 20 years. After a shoutout to Aguilar, Moseley made note of his Aguilar DB 751 bass head. “I’ve got another one as a backup,” he said, pointing to the second bass head, “although the only time I needed a backup was when [the first] one took on a gallon of water in a rainstorm.”

Moseley runs his Aguilar head through two Aguilar 4×12 speaker cabinets. He did note, however, that he only uses the second cabinet for large outdoor gigs. A Radial J48 DI unit feeds the front-of-house and monitor mixes. The speaker cabinet is mic’d, which also sends a signal to the FOH.

During the next part of Moseley’s rig rundown, he runs through his effects pedals. “Probably 80-90 percent of the time I’m playing clean with no effects.” His effects include the MXR Bass Octave DeluxeMXR Bass Envelope FilterElectro-Harmonix Mono SynthAguilar PhaserVT Bass overdrive, and a Boss TU-3 tuner. All are run through a true-bypass looper, meaning that his signal is always clean or running just one effect at any given time.

Moseley then gave some insight into his introduction to music. After singing in a church choir and taking a few piano lessons he picked up the guitar at age 12, which he played through high school and college. “Finally picked up the bass when I met Billy [Nershi] and [Michael] Kang…and they needed a bass player, and I thought ‘well, I can play the guitar, I can play the bass.”

Watch Keith Moseley in the first String Cheese Incident Rig Vids below.

Keith Moseley – Rig Vids

[Video: The String Cheese Incident]

The String Cheese Incident is currently off the road until summer, when they will start playing festivals including Hog Farm HangoutElectric Forest, and Peach Festival. Click here for tickets and more information.