So, you’re stuck at home, you’re stocked and ready to celebrate 4/20, but you’ve reached an impasse. You love to celebrate this highest of holidays—you do it every year—but usually, your buddy Doug is around, and Doug rolls the best blunts, so you just never really learned how to do it yourself. Doug is quarantining at his place in Denver, and you can bet you’re going to get on Zoom and spark up together later, but how do you get in on the session when your resident roller is hunkered down hundreds of miles away?

That’s where Tupac Shakur comes in. Watch the late rapper’s MasterClass-level blunt-rolling tutorial below and blow Doug’s mind with your rolling skills on that Zoom call. Thanks, Tupac!

How To Roll A Blunt w/ Tupac


While you enjoy that blunt courtesy of Tupac, tune in to a 4/20 live stream like 420 For A Cause or Willie Nelson‘s Come and Toke It virtual variety show. You can also listen to the new April edition of the Live For Live Music Monthly Mix below and read the liner notes here,

Live For Live Music Monthly Mix


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Listen to the man. Happy #420 🌳💨 #liveforlivemusic

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