It’s been one glorious month since Vulfpeck released their seventh studio album, Mr. Finish Line. With only a few more days to pre-order the vinyl, the funk quartet released one of their signature music videos for the recently-released “Tee Time”. The tune, led by keyboardist Woody Goss, features Jack Stratton and Theo Katzman on percussion, with bassist Joe Dart, vocalist/keyboardist Joey Dosik, and guitarist Cory Wong drinking La Croix in a row and lending synchronized clap sequences throughout.

Perhaps one of the most “Vulfy” tunes on the record, “Tee Time” presents quintessential 2017 Vulfpeck with its complicated composition, quirky musicianship, and one-take cut. Any opportunity to see Vulfpeck play their instruments up close is a special experience, making these rare videos even more exciting. Few bands take the time to set up visual representations of their music, and we’re glad that Vulfpeck is one of them.

Watch Vulfpeck perform “Tee Time” below:

Mr. Finish Linefeatures vocal contributors Antwaun Stanley and Christine Hucal, legendary session guitarist David T. Walker, Danish vocalist Coco O., legendary session drummer James Gadson, funk bassist/singer/songwriter and member of Parliament Funkadelic Bootsy Collins, drummer for Prince during The New Power Generation era Michael BlandGame Winner keyboardist/vocalist Charles Jones, vocalist Theo Katzman, keyboardist/saxophonist Joey Dosik–leading vocals on his first-ever Vulf recording–and guitarist/honorary 5th member Cory Wong.

From the quirky harmonies of “Mr. Finish Line” to the upbeat symmetry of “Tee Time”, the unforgettable lyrics in “Business Casual”, the heart-pounding feels of “Grandma”, and the bass moves in “Captain Hook”, the band’s seventh release places itself right in line with Vulfpeck’s growing trajectory. The infamous clarinet solo from “Back Pocket” makes not one, but two appearances in “Mr. Finish Line” and “Business Casual”, creating a feeling of comfort, consistency, and reprise, as well as exponential growth. Hosting more musical guests than any album previously, Vulfpeck’s Mr. Finish Line opens up the quartet’s stage to an even bigger audience for them to perform. With no dates currently on the schedule, we can’t wait to see what Vulfpeck has in store for 2018.

Listen to Vulfpeck’s new Mr Finish Line below: