Yonder Mountain String Band has a long history of bringing the magic to the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, and the group’s opening-day set at March 2022’s Suwannee Spring Reunion was no exception.

Directly following a massive, crowd-pleasing set from Sierra Hull, the audience was properly hyped for a good time. Yonder was armed for battle with fresh musical ammunition via both their 2022 release, Get Yourself Outside, and their newest member, Nick Piccininni, on mandolin and occasional fiddle.

Band stalwarts Dave Johnston on banjo, Ben Kaufmann on bass, and Adam Aijala on guitar showed their chemistry and well0honed charm throughout the two-hour set, sharing the emcee duties as well as the lead singing responsibilities with a truly refreshing lack of ego.

It’s clear to see that Yonder Mountain String Band is a truly egalitarian operation, and the pure positivity they engender between themselves and the audience is a joy to watch. That’s not to say that newer recruits Picininni and fabulous fiddler Allie Kral aren’t getting their reps. Both of them showed their willingness to both step forward and step back, well-equipped to front the speeding train that is Yonder and happy to shovel coal when needed.

Rex-A-Vision was on hand filming the festivities so you can relive the Suwannee Spring Reunion Yonder Mountain String Band set in all its glory. Rather than describing how Piccininni delivered a cover of King Harvest‘s “Dancing In The Moonligh” under actual moonlight, or the warm reception the couple of song debuts like “I Just Can’t” and “Broken Records” received, or the main body of the set (packed with tried and trusted Yonder standards), we’ll just let you see for yourself. While you’re at it, take a second to like and subscribe to Rex-A-Vision on YouTube. “Like and subscribe” to his channel, there’s plenty more past, present and future clips for you to peruse!) Enjoy!

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Yonder Mountain String Band – “If Only, My Gal, Raleigh And Spencer>Nowhere Next>Raleigh And Spencer, The Wheel Hoss, Instrumental” – 3/17/22

Yonder Mountain String Band  – “I Just Can’t-Broken Records” – 3/17/22

Yonder Mountain String Band – “Dancing In The Moonlight” (King Harvest) – 3/17/22

Setlist: Yonder Mountain String Band | Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park | Live Oak, FL | 3/17/22

Set: Travelin’ Prayer, If Only, My Gal, Beside Myself, Dominated Love Slave, Hadn’t It Been For Love, Raleigh And Spencer>Nowhere Next>Raleigh And Spencer, Suburban Girl, I Just Can’t, Broken, The Wheel Hoss, Dancin’ In The Moonlight (King Harvest Cover), On Your Dime, 40 Miles From Denver, Instrumental, Rock N’ Roll, On The Run>Steep Grades, Sharp Curves>On The Run>Ruby