10-year-old drumming sensation Yoyoka continues to wow music fans around the world with her musical abilities which she showcases via viral performances. A new video shared by Yoyoka earlier this month highlights the young phenom’s drum-only rendition of Rush‘s “YYZ”. The performance also acts as a creative tribute to the band’s late drummer Neil Peart, who died earlier this year.

“I have a lot of respect for Neil Peart,” Yoyoka says in the video’s description on Youtube. “I am sorry he has gone to heaven, but I would like to dedicate a cover of this wonderful song to him.”

The young drummer displays her prodigy-like abilities in full force as she begins the performance with the familiar hard-hitting opening notes of the fan-favorite Moving Pictures track. Watching Yoyoka deliver the well-known song with a smile of excitement and thrill almost helps to breathe new life into the old song, as if she’s also using her cover to tell Peart’s story to a new generation of fans who may have never gotten the chance to see the band perform live.

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Watch Yoyoka’s impressive performance of “YYZ” below.

Yoyoka – “YYZ” [Rush Cover]

[Video: KaneaiYoyoka channel]

Fans who enjoyed Yoyoka’s performance should subscribe to her YouTube channel to watch her other impressive covers of Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana, and more.

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