30 Minutes for Justice is a superjam like never before in the age of webcasts. Organized by Jeff Franca, this fundraiser for Black Lives Matter and the Playing For Change Organization has recruited over 40 prominent musicians to collaborate on a 30-minute sonic mural.

The finished product features contributions from members of The Disco BiscuitsTurkuazThe MotetThievery Corporation, Break Science, Big GiganticSlightly StoopidMarch Fourth Marching BandCircles Around The SunGhost LightThe New Mastersounds, and many, many more.

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Franca, known for his work on drums with Thievery Corporation, started with the idea of “The Song Heard Round the World”. He began by taping himself laying down a percussive beat, then sending it to collaborators from across the musical spectrum. The instruction was simple: record yourself playing 32—64 bars at 93 BPM over that groove in B minor. From there, artists were given free reign to add whatever contribution they wanted. A vocal line, rhythm section, a solo, or anything that adds to the overall product. It was through this spirit of collaboration throughout the community that 30 Minutes for Justice was born.

Premiering today, June 26th, at 4 p.m. ET across platforms, 30 Minutes for Justice provides a prime example of what the live music community can accomplish when it bands together. While each individual clip on its own is merely just a fragment of a song, when bound together they create a grand 30-minute opus. All the while, 30 Minutes for Justice is also raising funds for worthy causes. Franca said of the fundraiser,

Initially “The Song Heard Around the World” was created to show unity through times of social distance. In completion, the timing has presented us with a much deeper opportunity to give back and show the world that we as humans can coexist in Love, Music, and Society.

The recent international response to the death of George Floyd has opened eyes and hearts that were on the sidelines or neutral before. This is not enough however. This is just the tip of a very large, historically racist iceberg, and we need to keep fighting for our black brothers and sisters. We all owe it to the black community to do our part whether through protest, helping aide, or in our case a fundraiser with music. 

Tune into the Live For Live Music Facebook page Friday, June 26th at 4 p.m. ET for the premiere of 30 Minutes for Justice. The video will be followed by a panel discussion featuring a selection of the musicians involved. Scroll down to see the full lineup.