While live event venues in states across the U.S. struggle to figure out how and when concerts and major music festivals will be able to start up again, thousands of fans and a few bold entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv, Israel have taken it upon themselves to get that part of their lives back to normal.

According to reports, up to 3,000 fans in Tel Aviv attended an impromptu concert that took place at the Charles Clore Park this past Thursday (May 21). Branded as “Behind the Scenes: an Assembly of Solidarity,” the one-day protest event, which was supported by Israeli Police and city officials, was somewhat of a loophole in Tel Aviv’s COVID-19 health regulations, and featured performances from notable Israeli musicians including Aviv Geffen, Shalom Hanoch, and Rita.

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The overall mission of the concert, produced by local entrepreneurs Inbar and Marius Nacht, was to raise money to help support the estimated 150,000+ unemployed workers who rely on live events for their livelihood. All of the above-mentioned artists performed at the event for free.

Similar to the shows beginning to take place in U.S. states like Arkansas, fans who attended the event in Tel Aviv had to wear facemasks while staying six feet apart from one another. The health guidelines were gradually thrown to the wayside, however, as event organizers and security didn’t do much to enforce the social distancing policies being ignored by folks throughout the crowd.

It’s also worth noting that Israel didn’t see a huge spike in conformed COVID-19 cases since the virus spread to the size of a global pandemic earlier this year. The country has already begun reinstating its school systems, shopping centers, and synagogues over the past few weeks.

Scroll down to check out the fan-shared video footage from what could be considered the first non-automobile concert event in the world since the coronavirus outbreak this past winter.


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