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Las Vegas Club AFTER Decides to Impose “DJ Rules”

Brand new Las Vegas after-hours club, aptly named AFTER, has decided to impose house rules for DJ’s that are spinning after 3am. Only a week old, AFTER makes no excuses for its rules, and will quite literally pull a DJ from a stage for breaking them. While many doubted the legitimacy of the “Rules After 3am,” the club has confirmed, via Twitter, that the rules are, in fact, real and they are “permanently affixed to our DJ booth.”

Here is a list of the rules:

It sounds like this would actually be a club that is fun to go to, and actually has good music. It’s extremely boring to hear remixes of the same song, pre-mixed sets, and DJ’s simply not pushing themselves to explore their musical boundaries. Honestly, good for AFTER. Somebody needed to set some rules so dance music doesn’t get completely ruined by an oversaturated market of wannabes. And who wants to listen to anything by LMFAO anyway? They totally suck! Save that for amateur hour.

AFTER just opened this past weekend, with sets from Spacebyrdz, Steve Prior and Black Boots. If you are planning on going to Vegas, we suggest taking a look at their Facebook page to see what their upcoming schedule holds in store.