For fans of Motörhead, there’s only one drink that comes to mind when you mention the name Lemmy Kilmister: A Jack and Coke. The beloved combination of Jack Daniels Whiskey and Coca-Cola is so intertwined with the band that Motörhead fans petitioned to have the beverages officially renamed after Lemmy, who recently passed away after fighting a number of medical conditions, namely cancer. The petition gained over 40,000 signatures.

Food and Beverage Magazine officiated the drink’s new name in their latest edition:

“We are honored to represent the industry and bring the moniker, ‘The Lemmy’ to every bar in the world!”, the magazine’s publisher, Michael Politz, announced. “Owning a rock club with Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell gave me the chance to meet Lemmy and experience his legend myself.”

Seriously, what better way to memorialize your favorite rockstar than to rename his favorite drink after him? 

[Via Musicfeeds]