Ace of Cups have shared a new song, “Made For Love”, with special guests Bob WeirJackson Browne, and Dave Frieberg. The song serves to remind listeners of the true purpose of humanity, love, as conditions outside grow increasingly volatile.

Joining the pioneering all-female rock group are fellow 60’s compatriots Weir, Browne, and Friebeg, the latter of whom made his bones with Quicksilver Messenger Service and Jefferson Airplane. The song is the second half of a two-part melody, to be released on the band’s upcoming Sing Your Dreams album, out August 18th. The release date was specifically chosen as it marks the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote, “Although I have a caveat, in that white women got to vote,” guitarist and vocalist Denise Kaufman added.

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The song centers around the mantra of “we were made for love,” between spoken word verses. A soft acoustic guitar joins a chorus of voices, including the male contributors, in a unifying tone of companionship that embraces the song’s message. Meanwhile, images and videos flash on the screen of people joined in a variety of different types of love; parents and children, lovers, friends, and all shapes and sizes of affection. “Remember what we came here for/It’s not for hate, it’s not for war,” Denise Kaufman sings.

“We felt that with the coronavirus, we just wanted to put something out that expressed how we felt,” Kaufman said. “We wanted to dig down into the place that we ultimately all know we’re connected. We’re all here together and we’re made for love.”

In a brief interview with Rolling Stone, Kaufman also expounded on her longstanding friendship with Weir.

Bob, we were on the bus together with Ken Kesey. Bobby and Mountain Girl and I, we were all basically 18 when we were on the bus. I went to my last two years of high school in Palo Alto and that’s where he was and that’s where Jerry was. I used to go hear Jerry play when I was in high school when he had his jug bands. That’s how far back I go with Bobby.

Around the time that the Seva Foundation was formed [1978], Bobby came to Kauai. I had been living here for about six or seven years, and he came and stayed with me and played with the band that I had here. He’s just always been a good friend. We’ve done a lot of yoga together through the years.

Listen to “Made For Love” from Ace of Cups, featuring Bob Weir, Jackson Browne, and Dave Frieberg.

Ace of Cups (w/ Jackson Browne, Bob Weir, Dave Frieberg) — “Made For Love”

[Video: High Noon Records]

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