Lettuce continues to build momentum leading up to the June 14th release of their next studio album, Elevate. As part of the build-up to the popular funk band’s upcoming album cycle, each member is taking part in a documentary video series, titled, The Krewe, which takes fans behind-the-scenes and inside the recording studio during the making of Elevate.

The first episode of The Krewe followed the studio shenanigans of bassist Erick “Jesus” Coomes. The second episode, which arrived on Thursday, turns the spotlight to drummer Adam Deitch, who shares his own take on the writing/recording process.

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Throughout the four-minute episode, Deitch discusses how jams performed during soundcheck can often blossom and expand into legitimate song ideas with the right added production work. The drummer also elaborates on how “monumental” of an achievement it was for the band to record 27 songs this time around, in contrast to the 12-15 which they originally expected.

“It’s a golden era in the band”, Deitch is heard saying in the video. “There have been some times where we kind of drifted apart and all did other stuff, and now we’re all focused on Lettuce and we have been for the past six, seven, eight years.”

Fans can watch Deitch discuss the recording process and more in the video below.

The Krewe: A Lettuce Documentary Series – Episode Two

[Video: LettuceFunk]

Lettuce will continue their run of spring performances into the summer with a batch of new tour dates now set to keep the funk outfit on the road until November. The band was also included in Thursday’s JamCruise 18 lineup announcement, ensuring Lettuce fans that the funk masters will indeed be hitting the high seas next January.

Fans can head to the band’s website for complete tour info and tickets. Fans can also click here to pre-order Elevate prior to its June arrival.