Adam Deitch has released a new single, “Space Dust”, which deepens the Lettuce drummer’s solo electronic catalog.

The song, released on Friday, follows Deitch’s Late Nite Collection LP that he released in December 2019. As the live music industry grinds to a halt, and Lettuce’s tour suspended, Deitch has made the most of his newfound downtime with this latest single.

The video for “Space Dust” opens with a parallel style view of a satellite orbiting Earth as some mild ambient vocals build a mood along with reverberated claps. Some light strings and keys trickle in as the pressure builds and soon the song blasts off with layers of percussion as a drum kit drops in. The visuals continue as the Northern Lights shine into space and cymbals clampdown in synchronicity with the interstellar imagery. As the song settles into a groove, with various tensions and releases, the vast emptiness of space flashes on the screen, reminding viewers of the temporal nature of all things. Just as it feels like the song will reach out forever into the cosmos, the drums fall away and return to the gentle synth and guitar work that opened the song, closing the cyclical loop.

Deitch said of the song in a social media post, “We are all connected to the cosmos. Space dust is in us all. The song is about realizing the science of our connections.”

Listen to “Space Dust” from Adam Deitch below.

Adam Deitch – “Space Dust” (Official Video)

[Video: Adam Deitch]

Even though Lettuce’s touring schedule has been cleared due to COVID-19, the band has stayed busy. Last month, Lettuce announced its own online teaching service, dubbed Lettuce Teach, that allows fans to connect with each member of the band for private lessons. Then last Friday, Lettuce posted a videoconference jam session of each member performing remotely. Meanwhile, the band continues to prepare for the May 8th release of its next album, Resonate. Stay tuned to Lettuce’s website for any new announcements.