Alan Evans (Soulive, Matador! Soul Sounds) has announced the coming release of his first-ever solo album, Nothing To Say, set to arrive on May 10th via Vintage League Music. In addition to playing drums on the record, Nothing To Say also sees Evans step out from behind to kit to man vocal, guitar, and bass duties, traversing elements psychedelic rock, funk, soul to produce a unique sound and a powerful set of songs.

Alan’s wide-ranging musicianship on the album is complemented by contributions from his brother and Soulive bandmate Neal Evans as well as Danny Mayer (Star Kitchen, Eric Krasno Band), Kris Yunker (Jen Durkin Band), Darby Wolf, Beau Sasser (Kung Fu), and Ryan Hommel.

Recorded over a period of 4 years, the record brings together all the aspects of the music-making for which Alan is known and respected throughout the live music scene—from quality, tasteful songwriting to incredible drumming—and adds some of his lesser-known strengths like his gripping vocal performances.

Below, you can check out a sneak preview of Alan Evans’ upcoming solo debut, Nothing To Say:

Alan Evans – Nothing To Say – Teaser Video

[Video: Vintage League]

Alan Evans’ new album comes along with a pair of other spring releases from Vintage League. On April 12th, they will release Crowd Company‘s Live at the Jazz Café, which follows the band’s acclaimed, Alan Evans-produced album Stone & Sky. Led by Rob Fleming, one of the label’s partners, Crowd Company’s new live album brims with energy, catchy hooks, and vintage organ funk.

Finally, on June 1st, Vintage Music will release The Wild Root, the debut album from Ae3—the Alan Evans Trio—a new collaborative project comprised of Alan Evans, Danny Mayer, and Kris Yunker. As the press release notes, the trio’s sound is hard-driving and groovy with deep, funky melodies and powerful, rhythmic counterplay. You can get a taste of the talented new group below:

Ae3 – Nothing To Say – Teaser Video

[Video: Vintage League]

Vintage League Music is a boutique record label that creates a place where musicians and music lovers can come together and bond over their shared love of soulful music. As Evans notes in a press release, “We are not trying to recreate the past with our music but we are taking what we like from the past and present to create our distinct future.” Label partner Fleming adds, “Our label philosophy is quality over quantity. We want to keep our roster highly curated, with the common thread of soulfulness spanning the releases that span funk, psychedelic rock and soul. We are also striking the balance to embrace modern music technology, but still believe there is a strong place for analog releases and vinyl. We believe each release to be high quality in terms of the music and detailed attention to the overall release including artwork and packaging. We want to appeal to genuine music lovers.”

For more info about Vintage League Music, head to the label website here.