As the music world continues to mourn the loss of Kofi Burbridge, more and more past performances and trickled out of the woodwork to help friends, family, and fans alike remember the incredible abilities of the talented multi-instrumentalist.

One such performance that’s once again making the rounds is the debut live show from the All Brothers Band, a group comprised of two sets of brothers—Kofi and Oteil Burbridge and Neal and Alan Evans—at Brooklyn Comes Alive 2016. As part of this debut live set, All Brothers Band included an appropriate instrumental take on Stevie Wonder‘s “Big Brother”. Listening back in the wake of Kofi’s passing, his talents are magnified. The song takes shape under his breezy flute lead, providing a lush foundation for the band to work with. You can hear the emotional performance below:

The All Brothers Band – “Big Brother” [Stevie Wonder cover] – Brooklyn Comes Alive 2016
[Audio: RLBayers]

All Brothers Band Releases New Track, “In The Beginning”, In Honor Of Kofi Burbridge [Listen]

You can also watch a chunk of video from the debut performance by the All Brothers Band at Brooklyn Comes Alive 2016 below:

All Brothers Band – Brooklyn Comes Alive 2016
[Video: Evan Pragliola]

In the wake of Kofi Burbridge’s passing, Oteil shared a heartfelt tribute to his big brother:

Kofi was my first and biggest hero. He still is. Even though I know all of his human frailties, and even things that used to frustrate me, I will never be any less in awe of his superpowers. They were discovered at a very early age. I thought he was normal as a kid. I didn’t realize how advanced he was until I started playing in high school bands and saw the difference. Trying to keep up with him made me a better player more quickly than most kids my age. I never did catch up to him. There are so many things that I still wanted to learn from him. He was my teacher. …  I so wanted Kofi to be the one to teach [my son] Nigel how to play keyboards. But just as much, I wanted to watch Nigel crawl in his lap as he watched his cartoons like he does with me. I wanted him to see Nigel ride his big boy bike without his training wheels. I wanted Nigel to grow up just knowing and be influenced by the sweetness of his Uncle Kofi. …

I had an idea one day that I talked to Kofi about. I wanted to do a stage at a festival that was dedicated to brothers. The Wooten brothers, the Wood brothers, the Evans brothers, the Dickinson brothers, the Trucks brothers… you get the idea. And we weren’t going to leave out our sisters either. I hope somebody out there will do this in memory of Kofi and I hope that they call it the Kofi Burbridge Memorial Brothers and Sisters Stage. And I hope they will let me get up there even though my brother is gone. All of you musician brothers and sisters out there please play as many shows together as you can. You just never know how much time you have left together. 

You can read Oteil’s full tribute to his big brother, Kofi Burbridge, here.