Folk singer/guitarist Amigo The Devil (real name, Danny Kiranos) heads into nature in a new video highlighting his acoustic performance of “Another Man’s Grave”.

The solo outdoor performance was captured by Courtney and Ray Gauger, and sees the solo musician deliver an intimate rendition of the thought-provoking track while standing amongst the stillness of the forest. The new song which covers themes ranging from late-night drinking to Wheel of Fortune references will appear on his forthcoming studio album, Born Against, due out February 19th, 2021.

“Every new record is an opportunity to sit and think about how much has changed in your life and the world around you,” Kiranos told Rolling Stone with the album’s announcement last month. “It’s a new opportunity to bring in both new and old influences. With Born Against I really wanted to dive into ideas that I’d either been avoiding or ignoring within myself and figure out ways to align them with music I grew up listening to.”

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Watch Amigo The Devil’s new acoustic video for “Another Man’s Grave” below.

Amigo The Devil – “Another Man’s Grave” (Acoustic)

[Video: AmigoTheDevil]

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