For this year’s celebration of Jerry Garcia‘s birthday, his Family will present An Odd Little Place: The Digital Works of Jerry Garcia (1992–1995). The NFT gallery will open on August 1st—which would have marked the Grateful Dead guitarist’s 79th birthday—with auctions beginning on August 5th.

In addition to becoming one of the most recognizable guitarists in live music, Jerry Garcia was also a talented visual artist. While most of his work exists in a physical state, in the last few years of his life he began to experiment with digital artwork at just about the same time the internet and computers were becoming accessible to ordinary consumers.

In a video announcing the digital gallery, former Grateful Dead roadie and Jerry Garcia Band manager Steve Parish remarks, “NFTs. Jerry would really like that ’cause it’s a new way to reach people and to have it spread out to people to see some of his stuff that hasn’t been seen. Wow.”

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Just like in his music, Garcia was ahead of his time in his early adoption of Apple computers to make digital artwork.

“Forge your own ground, create your own rules, and your own way to do it, and I think that’s a lot of what we see in his artwork,” Garcia’s daughter Trixie says of her father’s work. “It’s a guy just exploring the reaches of his own mind.”

For this year’s annual birthday celebration, the Jerry Garcia Family will share three special pieces of digital artwork recovered from Jerry’s Apple computer. They are the last known images created by Garcia, which he made during his final days in August 1995. One of the pieces—entitled Jiom—is dated August 7th, 1995, with another, oop, dated the following day, just one day before Garcia’s death on August 9th.

The three images—one of which has never been displayed publicly—will be revealed on August 1st, Garcia’s 79th birthday. The pieces will be available at auction as framed NFTs for 48 hours from August 5th to 7th. In conjunction with the auction, the works will go on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland in a new exhibit titled An Odd Little Place: The Digital Works of Jerry Garcia (1992–1995).

Though the mass proliferation of NFTs has given rise to ecological concerns over the energy needed to power the servers, these NFTs will be minted on the Layer 2 Ethereum blockchain and powered by solar energy. The Jerry Garcia Foundation will donate a portion of the auction proceeds to The Wilderness Society, Rex Foundation, as well as the First In Last Out Festival and their respective beneficiaries, For Humanity and Sweet Relief.

“There are things in this world that are really weird, and there are people who are concerned with them. And that’s, in fact, who I am,” Jerry says in the video.

To learn more about An Odd Little Place: The Digital Works of Jerry Garcia (1992–1995) click here and scroll down to watch a video announcing the digital gallery.

An Odd Little Place: The Digital Works of Jerry Garcia (1992-1995) NFT Collection

[Video: Jerry Garica]