Are you familiar with Anamanaguchi? They’re about to be your favorite band whose key instruments include a Nintendo Game Boy and an old school NES. That’s right, these four rockers from New York City incorporate the sounds of video game music into their pop-rock sound, and the sounds come straight from the old-school hardware itself. It’s called ‘chip-punk’, blending the genres of ‘chip tunes’, which are songs created from old video game handware, with the more punk rock sound provided by the band’s guitarist, bassist, and drummer.

The resulting sound is nothing but awesome, giving the hard rock band a small dose of electronic music and a heavy dose of nostalgia. Old sounds somehow feel like they are on the cutting edge of musical technology. In 2010, Anamanaguchi was tapped to score the video game soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs The World, creating the perfect outlet for their music. Since then, they’ve remixed tracks by the likes of Das Racist and Ra Ra Riot, and a recent full length album, Power Supply, featuring the hits ‘Meow’ and and ‘Planet’.

Don’t miss this extremely unique band rock out Irving Plaza with support from PicturePlane, George and Johnathan, Hot Sugar, and #Top8DJs. They’ll be celebrating the release of Power Supply. Tickets are available here. Check out the awesome video for ‘Meow’ below.