Anderson .Paak has released a new single, “CUT EM IN”, which finds the cross-genre hitmaker teaming up with rap kingpin Rick Ross. The new song is set to appear on the upcoming Madden 21 soundtrack, alongside tracks from blackbearEarthgang, and many more.

In the midst of .Paak’s opening verse, he breaks down into a conversational mode and says “You know I sat down with my accountant and he said, ‘I got good news and I got bad news’ I said what’s the good news, he said ‘the good news is you made a lot’, I said what’s the bad news he said ‘the bad news is you spent more.’ While on the surface this may just seem like stereotypical hip-hop boastfulness about big money and fast cars, “CUT EM IN” actually has a heartfelt message about friendship.

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.Paak’s recurring line “Sometimes you need a friend/Not the ones who just show up and don’t put nothing in/You know the ones who lend a hand and want to see you win/When you come up on the lick make sure you cut em in,” is actually one of the most wholesome things heard in any song featuring Rick Ross. Produced by Hit-Boy, who has also been tapped for the new Nas album, the song’s recurring simple repeating fuzzy guitar notes give it a swaggering up-and-down beat that could also translate perfectly to a Madden loading screen.

Listen to the new collaboration between Anderson .Paak and Rick Ross, “CUT EM IN”, below.

Anderson .Paak – “CUT EM IN” (feat. Rick Ross)

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