The COVID-19 pandemic has forced musicians to get even more creative in bringing content to fans, whether that be through livestreams, drive-in concerts, or a myriad of other initiatives. However, there have been few artists able to match the quarantine output of one Andy Frasco.

From his initial wave of lip-synced dance party videos to his quarantine song parodies to the launch of his World Saving Sh*tshow variety show streams, the musical madman has certainly kept fans entertained. On Monday, Andy Frasco once again donned his auteur hat and released a short film, Isolation.

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In the short film–emphasis on “short” as it runs a mere 78 seconds–fans get yet another glimpse into the exciting world of the enigmatic frontman for The U.N. In Isolation, Frasco floats down a river in what must surely be a borrowed yacht, all alone on the giant vessel. After simply muttering the title of the short, Andy goes through the motions like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day as he gloomily enjoys the fruits of forced unemployment.

From paddle boarding to a bowl of Golden Grahams cereal, Frasco’s grim look is juxtaposed with the leisure activities he enjoys—all with a lit cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The eternal party animal is left to his own devices, and it’s just not fun without the energy of an audience. His melancholy nature is interrupted only by yelling at the Los Angeles Lakers on TV and, finally, by a burly friend who orders Frasco to “quit being a diva and come hang out.”

Watch the Andy Frasco short film Isolation below.

Andy Frasco – Isolation

[Video: Andy Frasco]