Andy Frasco shines a light the intense drama surrounding the mass protests taking place in cities across America and other parts of the world on a daily basis over the past two weeks in his new video for “Better Day”, which arrived on Friday. The original song was included on Andy Frasco & The U.N.‘s 2020 studio album, Keep On Keepin’ On.

From the moment the video begins, the viewer is shown compiled news footage focused around George Floyd‘s killing by the Minneapolis Police along with both the peaceful protests and acts of reckless anarchy which have followed in the nearly two weeks since.

The compilation of videos and photos sees Frasco succeeding in presenting an optimistic but truthful balance of content for his music. From unnerving moments of violence between police, peaceful protestors, and rioters, to moments of universal camaraderie between all parties, the music video shows that this seemingly broken and battered country does not have to be as divided as some politicians and the mainstream media may lead us to believe.

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As Live For Live Music contributor, Sydney Paschall explored in her April review of Keep On Keepin’ On,

“Better Day” is a hauntingly melodic and spacey plea with a multitude of layers that blossoms into an ethereal sunset of love. Laced with a primal beat and guitar riffs, the song is tied together with a hopeful lyrical message that takes the listener into the ethers of possibility.

“I wanted to write a song about empowerment through the masses sticking up for one another,” Frasco told Live For Live Music about the new video. “I feel the only way we’re going to see a change is if we have each other’s backs.. we’re all in this together.”

Watch the new video for “Better Day” below.

Andy Frasco – “Better Day”

[Video: Andy Frasco]